Project of the month #3

Project of the month #3


Conceiving your work environment is the bread and butter for our design team.
Each project is entrusted to a single person who will follow all phases, realizing the proposal in a photorealistic rendering 3D

The video shows the most interesting works developed last month, including the Project of the Month chosen by a designer of Dental Art team, which we present in detail


Sterilization with STERILPORT

“I am very affected of Sterilport because I have been very involved in the birth and development of the project.

It is a new way of conceiving the sterilization environment, and with Sterilport the furniture is no longer "adapted" by the dental practice lines, but designed starting from the daily necessities of efficiency, praticity and safety on which every operator has the right to count.

Sterilport is beautiful, do not be mislead by its particular design that could initially seem unsettling, but only this could be our workstation for sterilization: there is everything in a short space, with the help of equipped walls the worktop is used at most and so you can have a practical dirty + clean area in only 130 + 130cm.
No cables or pipes on the worktop because everything is housed on the back of the cabinet, the removable shelf that increases the space on the shelf ... .. and I could continue, but I was asked to be brief ;-)“



Sterilport organizes the operation line in order to guarantee the space necessary for you to work, which is the first, fundamental rule of health and safety.

But that’s not all: the extractable shelf means you can increase the space when needed, giving you additional room for maneuver.







Separate cable holes for water tubes and electrical cables are situated all along the workspace, allowing you to maintain order and access water and electricity exactly where you need it without having to create further holes in the wall.







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